Expendables Buckle

From the movie The Expendables...if you watched the movie, you saw Stallone wearing this brass buckle...we make the buckle (and, the three pistol rig). This buckle is made to fit a military-style belt (1 3/4" wide), we also make the belt that goes with the buckle for those who do not have a military-style belt, the price of the belt is $45.00. It is to be worn on the outside of your pants like Stallone, not through belt loops. (Please note we have an error with regard to shipping. It shows shipping is $2.00. It is not. Shipping is $18.00 within the USA. If any questions, please let us know. Thank you.)
  • Model: Expendables Buckle

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All of our holsters are custom made. Half of the total cost is required up front when the order is placed, and the balance is due upon shipment. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Note: You may pick any cut and color for your holster at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Gun Belt Sizing
Accurate sizing is very important. We make your belt according to the exact measurements you provide. Please do not rely on your pant size, as your belt should always measure larger than your pants. For best results, wrap a tape measure around the area where you plan to wear your belt, and give us that precise measurement.

Color Variation
Due to the nature of raw leather, colors will vary as the leather is stained. We cannot guarantee an exact match to a color you see on our website. Our custom colored leathers will vary slightly, and each one-of-a-kind item will carry a beautiful signature shade.

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