Rifle / Knife Scabbards

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Crocodile Knife Scabbard
This is a one-of-a-kind scabbard. Genuine crocodile hide just like Crocodile Dundee used. This hide is tough and says it means business.
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Custom Knife Sheath (Custom Knife Sheath)
Custom knife sheath with sterling silver spots and concho. We make many, many different styles of scabbards.
Custom Knife Sheath
These are two custom knife sheaths for a good customer in Arizona. Send us your ideas, we can make it come true. Call for pricing.
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Custom Rifle Slings (Custom Rifle Slings)
Your choice of design, lined. Pricing starts at $165.00 for a plain, lined one. Please call for pricing if you would like carving, etc.
Elk Hide Insert (Elk Hide Insert)
Custom sheath for a customer who sent us Elk hide for the insert. Call for pricing.
Flower Carved Rifle Scabbard (Flower Carved Rifle Scabbard)
Shown with two bullet pouches, this is a beautiful custom scabbard, lined, floral carving is on one side. Call for pricing.
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Geronimo Knife Scabbard (Geronimo Knife Scabbard)
This scabbard will vary in size according to the knife you send me. Conchos are made from Mexican coin silver, as was the original. We make this scabbard to be worn on either the left or right, stained any color you wish. The Nadja on the end of the scabbard is made from sterling silver. It is priced here with the Nadja. We can make it without the Nadja. Call for pricing. THIS PRICE DOES NT INCLUDE THE KNIFE.
Knife Case
This was an interesting piece that our customer had us make for his straight edge razors. Indian women would carry a case similar to this but would carry a knife in it. The leather thong allowed them to wear it on their belt or around their neck.
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Knife Scabbard (Knife Scabbard)
You can sear this on your pants belt or gun belt.
Laced & Carved Scabbard (Laced & Carved Scabbard)
This knife is a fighting knife with a 15" blade. The scabbard we made for this unusual knife is carved with a contrasting lace. Call for pricing. Tell us what you would like for your knife and we'll make an idea a reality.
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Laced Carved Scabbard (Laced Carved Scabbard)
This scabbard was carved and laced to match the owner's holster and belt. Lined.
Lone Ranger Rifle Scabbard (Lone Ranger Rifle Scabbard)
Beautiful, Lone Ranger rifle scabbard. Fully carved both sides, saddle straps, sterling silver hand engraved concho. Lined.
No 155 (No 155)
Custom knife scabbard made to fit your knife. In order to ensure a perfect, we must have your knife shipped to us.
No 265 (No 265)
Custom knife sheath with Indian good luck sign. To ensure a perfect fit, please ship your knife to us.
No 300 (No 300)
They all shoot. Father, son and Mother. Seal skin on the Son's and Mother's.
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No KS 102
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No S 1301
Basket Stamped Rifle Scabbard
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Painted Indian (Painted Indian)
Custom knife scabbard. We have taken the photo a customer sent, carved it onto the scabbard and painted it to match the photo.
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