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No 754 (No 754)
Here it is! Bling bling. All sizes, all colors, sequined holster.
No 753 (No 753)
Military slim jim with brass throat and belt. Confederate. From the TV series The Rebel.
No 752 (No 752)
This is a nice looking single loop, lined holster of an old west style.
No 751 (No 751)
This holster has been reproduced from the book Packing Iron. Our customer added a matching belt to make a beautiful and unique rig. This rig is priced using nickel conchos and buckle. Price does not include knife scabbard or sterling buckle. Please call for pricing if you want silver conchos and buckle.
No 750 (No 750)
H.H. Heiser Saddlery, Denver, Co. 1935 - 1945. Taken from page 196 of Packing Iron. Full flower carved buscadero belt and holster. Absolutely beautiful rig, your choice of color.
No 655 (No 655)
Celtic design made by Wm. Brown Holster Co. for a lady SASS shooter. The cartridge belt was made on a curve for a better fit. Two gun holsters and one belt, open toe. Hammer loops.
No 654 (No 654)
The Duke. This rig was designed for an American film legend by legendary artist Bob Brown of Hollywood. (This is a roughout belt)
No 653 (No 653)
This is Wm. Brown's copy of the gun holsters worn by Curley Bill in the movie Tombstone. Two holsters and two cartridge belts with bullet loops end to end. Pricing is based on 30- loops per belt. Made for your particular gun and made to fit you.
No 652 (No 652)
Four loop holster. Customer put 5 conchos on top loop. Priced without conchos.
No 651 (No 651)
Taken from Packing Iron, pg. 75 top right. Circa. 1850 - 1855. Slim Jim holster and belt.
No 650 (No 650)
Three-loop holster, open toe, cartridge belt.
No 555 (No 555)
This Forsyth modification, 1881 pattern gun holster and belt, holds either the Schofield or the Colt. This is just a sampling of the US Calvary reproduction holsters that we do at Wm. Brown Holster Co.
No 553 (No 553)
Slim Jim holster and belt from Packing Iron, pg. 74. Heavy border stamping on both. Tapered belt, clip corner buckle, toe plug. All our rigs offer your choice of color.
No 552 (No 552)
Made by Wm. Brown Holster Co. Gun holsters and cartridge belt have matching border stamps. These holsters have toe plugs with a custom buckle on the cartridge belt and sterling silver & brass conchos on the loops of the holsters.
No 551 (No 551)
Full flower carved holster and buscadero belt. Nickel buckle on holster and nickel buckle on belt. Spots across throat.
No 550 (No 550)
This is a very popular, compact holster made for any gun you have. This one has a border stamp and is priced accordingly. Open toe.
No 455 (No 455)
Buscadero belt and quickdraw holster taken from page 202 Packing Iron. The shading seen on this holster is something we cannot guarantee. It happens with some leather but will dissipate over time.
No 454 (No 454)
The "Pike" holster taken from Packing Iron, page 132. Border stamp on belt and holster, tapered belt.
No 453 (No 453)
This is a SASS member who ordered this black buscadero quick-draw with his SASS number on jewelers bronze and silver on the loop. This price does not include the silver. Call for pricing for the silver.
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