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Creators of Highly Functional Family Heirlooms.

WM Brown Holster Co. Out of Tombstone in Cochise County Arizona Bill Brown has been creating the Finest Handmade Leather for consumers as well as Hollywood. He designs custom Holsters, Saddle Bags, Scabbards, Spurs, Tack, Bits, Buckles, Hatbands, Belts, Replica Firearms and more. Every piece is custom created and he can even do reproductions of classic rigs from the movies. Over 20 years in the business.

At Wm. Brown Holster Co., our custom leather products include gunleather for guns of the old west, gun belts, money belts (by the way, John Wayne's gun belt was actually a non-functional money belt, originally made by Bob Brown of Hollywood). Included in our services are fully carved western gun holsters, shoulder holsters, saddles and other fine western leather products which are all handmade by The Maker. Click here and take a look at two videos showing "The Maker" in action.

Wm. Brown Holster Co. is the only custom holster and saddle maker in historic Tombstone, Arizona. Before we closed our store, it was located across the street from the O.K. Corral where the Earps and Clantons had their infamous gunfight. According to the map in Time-Life books, Frank McClaury ran across the street after being shot and died somewhere in front of the store.

For over 130 years, our ancestors, and now us, have created exceptional western leather products. All items are handmade and hand carved by The Maker. Additionally, all holsters and belts are lined, unless otherwise requested by the customer. We are still using the same tools and the same late 1800's sewing machines to produce our gunleather that our forefathers used and that made them distinguished leather craftsmen.

There is a misconception that in the 1800's, gunleather and saddles were hand sewn. Most people do not realize that this era was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Saddle shops were in business to make money. The more machines they had, the more they could produce and the more money they could make. Some sewing is still done by hand when a machine doesn't exist for that particular application. Anyone who has hand sewn leather will attest to the fact that it is very time consuming. No profit in that.

While most leather holsters and gun belt makers offer a standard selection of colors, such as "oiled", "black" or "brown"; our customers enjoy unlimited color options. As you will see when you view our holsters, we are experts at the process of dying your gunleather in beautiful, rich, unique colors. We do NOT use paint to hide the edge of our products. The richness and luster of our finished product will distinguish you as you wear your handsome gunleather with pride.

From Hollywood cowboy trappings worthy of John Wayne, to modern holsters, silver conchos, spurs and spur straps, buckles, Montana Silversmith jewelry, Bianchi modern holsters and more, we'll outfit you in the finest tooled leather and accessories. We offer styles reminiscent of the old west and specialize in reproductions of the B-Western cowboys such as Gene Autry, The Lone Ranger, Rex Allen and Buck Jones, just to name a few. Our old west designs are authentic, inside and out.

Visit our web site, or visit our unique store located in Tombstone, Arizona, and take home an authentic piece of American history.

US Mail: PO BOX 912, Tombstone, AZ 85638