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25-6270 WEV (25-6270 WEV)
21st Century men's spur. 1" shank, 1" band. Knob end.
25-7655 WEV (25-7655 WEV)
Men's antiqued spur with engraved German silver trim. 2" shank. 1" band. 8-point rowel.
25-7806 WEV (25-7806 WEV)
Men's antiqued show spur with jingle bob. 2 1/4" shank, 1 1/2" band, engraved German silver trim. 16-point rowel. Shown in browned steel. Also available in black. SHI257990
25-7810 WEV (25-7810 WEV)
Men's spur with engraved German silver trim. 2 1/4" shank, 1 1/4" band. 12-point rowel.
25-7815 WEV (25-7815 WEV)
Men's show spur with hand engraved German silver trim. 2 1/4" shank, 1" band. 12-point rowel.
25-7818 WEV (25-7818 WEV)
25-7818 WEV. Men's show spur with German Silver Chevron Trim. 1 1/2" shank, 3/4" band, 8 point rowel.
25-7819 WEV (25-7819 WEV)
Men's show spur with hand-engraved German silver stars. 2 1/4" shank. 1" band. 6-point rowel.
25-7821B WEV (25-7821B WEV)
Antiqued spur, "Gal Leg". Engraved German silver and copper trim. 2 1/4" shank and 1/2" band. 10-point rowel.
25-8030 WEV (25-8030 WEV)
Men's cutting spur with plain band. 2" shank, 3/4" band. 10-point rowel.
25-8193 WEV (25-8193 WEV)
Men's roping spur with plain band. 1 3/4" shank, 5/8" band. Rosebud rowel.
25-8996 (25-8996)
Brown steel USA spur with German Silver overlay.
26-392 (26-392)
Wm. Brown Holster Co. offers these brushed steel spurs by Colorado Saddlery, simple but good looking and with jingle bobs. 2 1/4" shank, chap guard and 2 1/8" stainless steel rowels. These spurs are not only great looking but are priced to sell.
Cisco Kid Spurs (Cisco Kid Spurs)
This is a custom order. These spurs are patterned after the original Cisco Kid spurs, the straps are also patterned after the originals with the exception that we've added a sterling silver eagle which matches the ones on the Cisco Kid belts. Call for pricing.
Call for Pricing
Denver Special (26-21) (Denver Special (26-21))
This spur truly reflects the uniqe beauty and quality that goes along with the Colorado Saddlery Logo. Made of blue steel with hand engraved nickel silver overlay, brass rope edge conchas, engraved brass buttons and stainless steel rowels. This spur is truly a classic! The jinble bobs are brass with a black overcoat for a wonderful "bell-like" jingle. Priced per pair.
Desert Star (26-50) (Desert Star (26-50))
Desert Star 26-50. A beautiful shaped band, black steel spur, 3/4" shaped band with 2" shank and a 1 1/4" eight point rowel, set off with eye catching German silver. Priced per pair.
Inlaid Silver Arrow (26-480) (Inlaid Silver Arrow (26-480))
Inlaid Silver Arrow 26-480. A classic spur High gloss black steel with inlaid and engraved arrow along the band. It is unique and beautiful stainless steel rowels and jingle bobs. Priced per pair.
Northwest Sage (26-147) (Northwest Sage (26-147))
Northwest Sage 26-147. A great spur designed to be useful and eye catching. 5/8" wide band with German silver overlay. Priced per pair.
Texas Star (8021) (Texas Star (8021))
Black steel spur with German silver overlay. 1 1/4" scalloped band with the State of Texas concho. 2" shank with chap guard and a 10-point rowell and jingle.
The Chisolm Trail (26-46) (The Chisolm Trail (26-46))
A fixed button browned steel spur with a 1 1/2" shaped band. 2 1/2" shank, 1 1/4" twelve point rowel. German silver overlay with the mark of the old west, the longhorn! Priced per pair. SHI 8020
The Dakota (26-53) (The Dakota (26-53))
A black steel spur with 5/8" band with brass trim, rowels and buttons. Priced per pair.
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