Unique Conchos

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8-point Slotted Star Concho (8-point Slotted Star Concho)
8-Point Star Concho. Found on late 1800's saddles, this concho is reproduced and sold exclusively by Wm. Brown Holster Co. Shown here in white bronze. Also available in sterling silver. $72.00; 1 1/2"
8-Star Concho (8-Star Concho)
8-Star Concho. This unique, 1800's concho, is exclusive to Wm. Brown Holster Co. We offer this with either a loop back or Chicago screw back. We produce this concho in many different sizes. Please call to order. Shown here in White Bronze. $35,00 Also available in Sterling Silver. $65.00 Call for pricing for different sizes. Sizes range from 3/4" to 1 5/8".
Card Suit Concho (Card Suit Concho)
Card Suit concho. This concho is a cast reproduction of a Bill Heisman original. Shown here in white bronze. Also available in sterling silver. Call for pricing. Comes with your choice of attachment, loop, which can be used on spur straps or as a scarf slide. Chicago screw or wire attachment. 2 1/4".
Cisco Kid Eagle (Cisco Kid Eagle)
This is a first, this concho was put on the first reproduction of the Cisco Kid rig by Wm. Brown Holster Co., shown on our web site under Hollywood Holsters. We offer it two ways...as a concho with a Chicago screw back or with a loop to be worn as a scarf slide. Also, you can order this eagle in either white bronze ($24) or sterling silver ($60). To order, please call us at 1-800-337-5250, or feel free to email us with your order or questions.
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Indian Concho (Indian Concho)
This is a classic Indian with Headress concho. Shown here in white bronze. Also available in sterling silver. We offer this with a loop back to be used with spur straps, or used as a scarf slide. Or, we can put a chicago screw on the back. 2". (Silver price would be $100.00 each.)
Old Tyme Concho (Old Tyme Concho)
This is a sterling silver, 2" concho. Choose either a Chicago screw on the back or a loop. Your choice. Also available in White Bronze...call for price.
Paladin Chess Piece (Paladin Chess Piece)
This unique chess piece concho is reminiscent of the TV show Have Gun Will Travel with the good guy Paladin, includes a genuine ruby eye the same as the original. Offered only in sterling silver. Matching buckle with Paladin chess piece. (See Buckles) Chess Piece Dimensions: 1 1/4" wide, 2 1/8" tall, 5/16" thick. NEW!!! We now make this chess piece as a right or left facing concho. Use on your right or left hand holster.
Sombrero Concho (Sombrero Concho)
Sombrero concho. $85.00 each. These truly unique three-dimensional white bronze conchos have a loop back and can be used with spur straps or as a scarf slide or headstalls...or, whatever your imagination comes up with. Just let us know which one you prefer. Approximately 2 1/2" wide and 1" tall. (Also offered in sterling silver $225.00.)
Tombstone Concho (Tombstone Concho)
Engraved Sterling silver overlay. One of a kind...Tombstone/OK Corral. Chicago screw back.
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