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1/2" Buckle (1/2" Buckle)
This little buckle is shown in sterling overlay. Looks great on holsters, hatbands, spurstraps, saddlebags. It can be made in larger sizes and also in sterling silver. Contact us for information. 800-337-5250.
1200 (1210)
This is a 3/4" three-piece buckle. Engraved, Western style. Excellent quality.
1205 (1205)
3 piece buckle set, engraved with brass rope edges. Can be used on pants belts or spur straps.
1210 (1210)
3 piece buckle set, engraved. Excellent for pants belt or to be used with spur straps.
Angel Fire (Angel Fire)
NEW! 1 1/2" buckle.
Celtic (Celtic)
NEW ITEM! Celtic. 3-piece nickel buckle set.
Clancey (Clancey)
NEW! 1 1/2" nickel buckle. Great for your gunbelt or pants belt. Nickel with brass scrolls.
Curly Bill Buckle (Curly Bill Buckle)
This 1½" buckle was used for the Curly Bill rig in the movie Tombstone.
Curly Bill Buckle
Diablo (Diablo)
NEW! Diablo. 1 1/2" buckle set. Something different...try Diablo.
Expendables Buckle (Expendables Buckle)
From the movie The Expendables...if you watched the movie, you saw Stallone wearing this brass buckle...we make the buckle (and, the three pistol rig). This buckle is made to fit a military-style belt (1 3/4" wide), we also make the belt that goes with the buckle for those who do not have a military-style belt, the price of the belt is $45.00. It is to be worn on the outside of your pants like Stallone, not through belt loops. (Please note we have an error with regard to shipping. It shows shipping is $2.00. It is not. Shipping is $18.00 within the USA. If any questions, please let us know. Thank you.)
Good Bad & Ugly (Good Bad & Ugly)
From the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...Clint Eastwood. This buckle is hand cast by us, solid brass. Fits 1 1/2" belt.
Josey Wales (Josey Wales)
Clint Eastwood's buckle he wore in Josey Wales. We hand cast this buckle in solid brass. Fits 1 1/2" belts.
Original Shane Buckle (Original Shane Buckle)
This is a reproduction of the original Shane buckle. This buckle comes with a letter of Provenance. Silver - $255.00. White Bronze - $200.00.
Paladin Buckle (Paladin Buckle)
This is a Paladin belt buckle that will match the Paladin Chess piece you order for your holster(s). This buckle was very hard for us amateurs to photograph, there is no "blue" on the buckle, no scuff marks, etc. It's the best photo we could get. Sterling overlay with a rope edge. Paladin chess piece is sterling silver with a real ruby eye. Fits your gun belt or a 1 1/2" pants belt.
Texas Ranger Buckle (Texas Ranger Buckle)
Beautiful 4-piece buckle set. This 1" buckle set is made in hand engraved sterling silver overlay and a brass badge and brass rope edge on all four pieces. Priced here as sterling silver overlay. If you wish to have it made in solid sterling silver, please call for pricing.
Victoria (Victoria)
Victoria. 1 1/2" 3-piece buckle set. NEW item.
WB 101 (WB 101)
This is a Nickel, 1", 3-piece buckle. Silver in color.
WB 103 (WB 103)
This is a Nickel, 1", 3-piece buckle set.
WB 107 (WB 107)
Nickel, 1", 3-piece buckle set. The "triangles" on each piece is brass in color, the rest of the buckle is silver in color.
Out of Stock
WB 109 (WB 109)
1 1/2" nickel, 3-piece buckle set. Antiqued. Works with either a pants belt or cartridge belt.
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