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Another Satisfied Customer (Another Satisfied Customer)

This is Jace when he was 2 1/2 years old. Welcome to the club, Jace.

No, he's not for sale.

Beer Holster (Beer Holster)
Fits cans or bottles. Use this design or design your own. Price depends on design. Call for pricing.
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Dummy-Bullets (Dummy-Bullets)
Available in 45 caliber or 38 caliber. Brass or nickel. Free shipping within the US only. I have been having trouble getting this particular item to give the customer a choice of either nickel or brass bullets. When ordering, please include your phone number and I will call you for that information.
Fat Bastard Belt Extenders
These belt extenders work well for those folks who have muscled up and want to add a little length to the belt they've "temporarily" outgrown. Or, for those who want to wear their rig over the top of a winter coat. Unlined. (Call for pricing if you want it lined. 800-337-5250) Colors - black, dark brown, medium brown or oiled, nickel or brass buckle. Please specify when ordering. Please call with any questions. 800-337-5250
Geronimo Belt (Geronimo Belt)
This beautiful belt is lined and measures 51" to the middle hole. It has bullet loops for 45-caliber bullets. This belt is a copy of the original Geronimo belt with the exception of the buckle. We have put a nickel clip corner buckle on this belt but can change it to suit your needs. (See our Holsters section and click on Holsters and Belts. Scroll towards the bottom and see the Geronimo holster, belt and knife scabbard.) The Geronimo rig was featured in Cowboys & Indians magazine. Original price of this belt: $215.00. Sale Price: $175.00.
Knife Case
This was an interesting piece that our customer had us make for his straight edge razors. Indian women would carry a case similar to this but would carry a knife in it. The leather thong allowed them to wear it on their belt or around their neck.
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Landis 1
Original stand, original clutch, converted to motorized. Bobbin winder. Extra needles and bobbins. Excellent condition. Used daily. Call 800-337-5250.
Landis 1 Sewing Machine
Landis 3
$3,500. Original stand, original clutch, converted to motorized. Bobbin winder. Extra needles and bobbins. Excellent condition. Used daily. Call 800-337-5250
Landis 3 Sewing Machine
Poke Bags (Poke Bags)
These poke bags have been reproduced off an original mid-1800's poke bag issued by a bank. Many years ago when a man would deposit his gold with a bank, that bank would give him a free poke bag to hold his gold dust. We offer this bag made from soft deerskin, several different shades of brown. These bags open up quite wide and holds lots of stuff.
Unibag - Men/Women (Unibag - Men/Women)
The replica Cavalry bag shown is my personal purse, has a carved flap, sterling silver buckles, lacing, 2 pockets on the inside and one on the back, outside...which I use for my cell phone. My bag also has a place for conceal carry and we can add that to your bag also. Your choice of color to be stained, choice of buckles. I have other pictures of this bag, just call for them. For the men, they prefer a plain bag. It can be used for a small computer, etc., pick the buckles you want, the plain bag is identical to the one with the carved flap except there is no carving. We can add initials or a brand. The men's bag is $399.00. Call and talk to us, tell us what you would like.
Universal Holster (Universal Holster)
Universal Holster that fits almost every gun you own. We offer it with belt loops on the back which allows you to wear it on the left side or right side. We also offer it with or without a clip to use clipped to your belt, and with or without a hammer loop. With belt loops and hammer loop only - $30. With added clip and hammer loop - $35. Please call us with your preferences when ordering. Colors shown are dark brown and mahogany. Black also available.
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