Semi-Auto Holsters

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My Personal Rig (Dual Purpose) (My Personal Rig (Dual Purpose))
This holster's design is patterned after late 1800's Cavalry holster. Accommodates my single action or my 1911. Belt has 45 caliber loops that fit either pistol, and mag pouch for the 1911. Base price is $135/holster and $135/belt.
Universal Holster (Universal Holster)
Universal Holster that fits almost every gun you own. We offer it with belt loops on the back which allows you to wear it on the left side or right side. We also offer it with or without a clip to use clipped to your belt, and with or without a hammer loop. With belt loops and hammer loop only - $30. With added clip and hammer loop - $35. Please call us with your preferences when ordering. Colors shown are dark brown and mahogany. Black also available.
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No 100 (No 100)
Custom semi-auto for an Arizona customer. Basket stamped with a little fringe for the lady. she's added some bullet loops on the holster and a couple of conchos. Design your own.
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No 110 (No 110)
Neat, custom made auto holster with both a clip and belt loop for a choice of using either way. Also has a thumb break. You pick the color, you pick whether this will be carved, border stamp only, or plain.
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No 124 (No 124)
This small neat little holster can be made specifically for your gun. Right, left or cross-draw. Stained any color you might like. Thumb break. Priced without border stamping. Your choice of border stamp adds $15.00.
No 127 (No 127)
This beautifully carved holster and belt can be made to fit any pistol you have. The holster is the same as our No. 110, but this customer has added a belt and holster that has a longer drop, plus two mag holders. Please call for pricing.
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Banded Pancake (Banded Pancake)
This holster is lined plus has a band sewn on the throat for extra stability. FBI cant. Your choice of colors, right or left hand, plain (shown). Add a border design for $10 add'l. Floral carved also available. Other pictures available.
Banded Pancake II (Banded Pancake II)
This is also a banded pancake holster for our customer Howard Teets's 1911.
Conceal Holster (Conceal Holster)
This is my wife's holster with her .380 Glock. She doesn't wear a belt, so I made a tab that she can slide onto her waistband or slide into a pocket. Otherwise we put a clip and/or a belt loop on the back.
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