Shoulder Holsters

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No 1300 (No 1300)
This is about as close as it gets! Doc Holliday Shoulder Holster from the movie TOMBSTONE. Compare our Doc Holliday to other company's versions and you will find ours to be the only exact copy. This rig is fully lined. Many colors to choose from.
No 1200 (No 1200)
This is a full flower stamped swivel shoulder holster. Very popular rig. Priced without carving.
No 1400 (No 1400)
Skeleton pattern holster: 1890 - 1905. This particular rig has bullet loops that snap on or can be snapped off for a different caliber. Fully lined. Priced plain and without loops.
No 1600 (No 1600)
Swivel shoulder holster, lined. Very comfortable and easy to use. Made to fit your particular gun. Your choice of color.
No 1700 (No 1700)
This easy to wear shoulder holster is very simple and easily adjusted. Stays close to the body. (Priced here without carving.) You can put any style holster on this rig. Any color.
No 1800 (No 1800)
US Army shoulder holster with clip holder. Made as the original, unlined, with clip holder with flap, $285.00. If we make a LINED holster with a lined clip holder with flap, the price is $340.00.
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