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This popular B Western rig is available in sterling silver or nickel. Please call for details and pricing . (800) 337-5250
Special Order. Please call for details pricing. (800) 337-5250
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The Mummy (The Mummy)
This is the double rig shoulder holster copied from the movie The Mummy. We have several views (front view, back view) of this shoulder holster, please call and we will send them to you. Your choice of color and made for most pistols.
Cisco Kid (Cisco Kid)

For the first time ever before done, Wm. Brown Holster Co. has reproduced this truly unique rig from the Hollywood era. This rig was 2-years in the making. The Cisco Kid was the Robin Hood of the old west. All conchos and eagles are hand made of sterling silver, the three buckles are sterling silver, hand engraved by Sunset Trails. What an eye catcher this is. Please call for different views of this piece of history. All pieces are signed by the maker and numbered. A true collector's item.

See the article at http://azdailysun.com/news/local/becoming-cisco/article_8f2cf8bd-8fdc-55f2-b2c7-c30fef6263a9.html

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Ike Clanton (Ike Clanton)
The Ike Clanton rig, commissioned by descendent, Terry Ike Clanton. The holster and belt were created by using photographs supplied by Peter Sherayko who has the original holster used in the movie, Tombstone.
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Quigley Rifle/Cartridge Belt (Quigley Rifle/Cartridge Belt)
Tired of going to web site after web site to look at what they claim is the "real thing"? This is the real thing. We have reproduced the Quigley belt for you to judge for yourself. As a comparison, look at the lace on our belt compared to competitors' lace and then compare it to the movie. Made to fit you and we make this for any caliber and any belt width any size up to 42". Anything over 42", call for pricing. Lined. Just like the original, it is laced top and bottom, plus a decorative lacing down the center on each side.
Wanted Dead or Alive (Wanted Dead or Alive)
Straight out of the movie Wanted Dead or Alive. We make the holster and belt for your Mare's Leg. We also sell the non-firing replica Mare's Leg. Order either/or.
Mare's Leg (Mare's Leg)
This rig was made for our customer Howard Teets for his Mare's Leg rifle. Lined, fits beautifully. Holster slides onto your belt or we make the belt, too. Holster $180. Belt $135, without bullet loops. Belt $165, with bullet loops. Watch video here: You will notice this rig has a buffalo head carved into the loop, per the customer's request. There is an extra charge for this. Pick your own carving, or, initials are free.
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Col. Tim McCoy (Col. Tim McCoy)
Worn by Tim McCoy in many of his movies.
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The Duke (The Duke)
The Duke. This rig was designed for an American film legend by legendary artist, Bob Brown of Hollywood. (The belt shown is a roughout belt. We make this belt as a roughout or smooth leather.)
The Expendables (The Expendables (a))
This is a copy of Stallone's rig in the movie The Expendables. This view only shows two of the holsters and the skull and raven brass buckle. We've also uploaded The Expendables (b), right after this one and it will show the third holster, plus, two double clip holders. You can see a better view of the buckle under our "Buckles" section. The holsters are lined. We make the holsters for your particular guns. Please email us or call with any questions.
Doc Holliday Holster & Belt (Doc Holliday Holster & Belt)
This is a replica of the Doc Holliday holster and belt worn in the gunfight with Ringo in the movie Tombstone, made for our Montgomery, Alabama customer, S. Bruce Bradley. Notice the angled loops across the holster.
Ben Cartwright (Ben Cartwright)
Bonanza! Made to fit your pistol. More pictures available.
Buck Jones (Buck Jones)
Buck Jones. This is the holster and belt he wore in the movies he made. Handmade sterling silver buckles and conchos. The holster and belt are both lined. This original rig was made by Bohlin in 1935. We have reproduced it using the same silver, floral carving, painted background and laced edges. Call for pricing.
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Tom Mix (Tom Mix)
Tom Mix. One of the larger than life early day Western movie actors and personal friend of Wyatt Earp. These jock strap-style holsters and the belt are all carved. The holsters have Tom Mix's initials carved on the loops. The buckle is an exact copy of the original, engraved and sterling silver. The conchos on the holsters are also an exact copy of the originals, engraved and sterling silver. All hand made in our shop. Each bullet loop has a flower in the center of the loop. We made a special tool just for this flower. Photos of this rarely seen rig were supplied by our customer who did extensive research, and we thank him for these photos. Please call for additional pictures and pricing.
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Gene Autry (Gene Autry)
This Hollywood rig was recreated by Wm. Brown Holster Co., a beautiful gun holster and buscadero belt that you will be proud to own. Reproduced using the same silver conchos and buckle, floral carving, painted background and laced edges as was on the original. Call for pricing.
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The Lone Ranger (The Lone Ranger)
This classic Hollywood rig has been reproduced by Wm. Brown Holster Co., using the same sterling silver buckles on the holsters as well as the cartridge belt, silver conchos are also the same as was on the original. We make this rig to fit your particular gun. Please call for pricing. Also available - Lone Ranger rifle scabbard, spur straps, saddlebags and cuffs.
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Paladin Rig (Paladin Rig)
We all remember Richard Boone in the classic television western Have Gun Will Travel. Silver chess piece with a genuine ruby eye. To see a closeup of the chess piece, go to "Conchos", click on Unique Conchos. NEW!!! We now offer this chess piece as either a right facing or left facing concho.
Gabby Hayes (Gabby Hayes)
The sidekick holster and belt worn by Gabby Hayes in many movies. Made to fit your pistol.
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Rex Allen (Rex Allen)
This heavily carved holster and belt is shown with a reproduced buckle that Rex Allen wore. Priced with and without the Rex Allen buckle. Call for photos of the buckle.
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Shane (Shane)
Shane, the 1953 movie classic with Alan Ladd and the famous concho belt and holster.
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